Feb 10, 2009

Our Heart Our Joy.. Daniell Dan @ DaNDaN..

Our heart and soul, baby Daniell Dan ... the one reason that made us laugh, when the tears are rolling.. patients when anger strikes, justice when the world is unfair, strength when the world is against us.

Why getting married on valentines day is a mistakes!

Ahhhh those wonderfull time is here again, where roses and teddy bears seems to be the hottest item in the world. Valentines Day..it gives a creep to all those newly in love, and a sigh to those who are married ... hehehe..who could blame us, when roses and teddy bears prices suddenly jump to scale of more than 50% ..a bouquet could easily reach rm50.. But for the one who just started to feel the love, it's a "no problem dear..valentines comes once a year.."..for the older generation??... "valentine for me is everyday honey...so why spend that money ??..."..wahahahah..well what can i say...

Falling on Saturday, it's not a surprise that it became the favourite day for couples to get married.. We receive 4 wedding invitation (and one birthday bash!!) on that valentine day alone.. We have to decline few wedding photoshoot on that day as my very best of best friend is getting married on that day itself (Yes geng.. i did this all for you) .

I did ponder a bit, on why did a couple (usually the girls..hmm definitely the girls!!) choose the valentines day as a wedding date... below are my few reason on why you should have not choosen to get married on valentines day...

1) Having your wedding anniversary and Valentines day at the same day means you get only one present for two occasion..

2) Soooo many people getting married on the same day means less people will go to your wedding reception..

3) You have to share the church.. (too many couples remember..)

4) 14th february is in the middle of the month..sooo go figure..(less ang pow )

5) You won't have guest staying till late at your reception , they'll be busy leaving soon as they need to celebrate valentine..

6) You are going to have problem later when you want to call for invitation on your wedding anniversary..people rather spend time with their love ones that going to your anniversary receptions..

hmmm.... anyway happy wedding day cum valentines day to all of you...

What Makes A Picture Perfect..

I use to ask one "sifu" .. "what makes a picture perfect??".. and the mighty "sifu" sigh a moment then he says.. " If u could feel what the picture is saying, or the emotion behind it in one glance, then that is a perfect picture...".. being blur at that time, another question pop out from my mouth.. What you mean what the picture is saying??... Pictures cannot talk..!!
Then the great one continue .. "A picture tells a storyline if you knew how to intreprate it.. a picure of a little girl blowing a candle for instance could tell that it is her birthday.. but her expression you can tell wether she is happy or not.. capturing her blowing the candles and having teardrops in her eyes at the same time shows that she is not happy on her birthday.. all this can be capture at the right time and place... to get that right timing is what makes a good photographer... what the photographer captures makes a perfect pictures...."

A New Day A New Beginning

Finally we've return blogging after a long absent. One main reason for those of you who didn't know is due to the demise of my beloved mother Mary Alan Mojinun who was call upon by the Almighty on the 24th December 2008, Christmas eve.. Her loss have given a very big impact on our life especially when we've just into a transition to a married life with one kid and just started to venture into a business. Things went so jumble up in our life that one couldn't belief how we could survive this emotional stress that till now i still will hold my handphone to call her in the morning (as what i use to do every day) then to remember that she's no more around.
Well, life have to go on. I'm sure she's happier now with my dad up there. Hopefully with their blessing and the Almighty, things will be going fine for me and my family, eventhough not the same as it use to be... it will never be the same .... *sigh*..

Dec 18, 2008

Photoshoot with Jennifer..

Time is really not on our side most of the time, regardless how many rest or break time there is, there's always that last minute things that you need to catch up that always ends up filling your days. But what makes it all seem worthy at the end of the day is looking at those photos that you took and closing your eyes at the end of the day feeling exhausted yet satisfied.

Regardless the heat, the distance, the walking, this photo session with Jen have produce some of the most interesting photo's as the sun rays really shoot in making the pics requires many carefull adjustments. I do pity Jen for asking her to do too many pose under the heat but this cute girl really manage to pull some great pose eventhough this is her first time under the lense.

Great time with her, hope to do more in the future.. Cheers.... Enjoy the pics..

Dec 17, 2008

Edwin and Elizabeth Wedding Day..

What can i say, the most hectic and craziest wedding day the we have arranged. The reason being was, not only we were the wedding photographer, we are also arranging the wedding cakes, church and house deco, arch ..bla bla bla..u name it. And for your info, there are only me and Disie doing all the mammoth task. But to manage it all was not only a joy but also gave both of us the insight just how far the two of us can accomplish (okay enough "angkat bakul" hehehe)..

We didnt have enough sleep , not only we have to drive to and fro Penampang-Papar in the middle of the night , but we also have to wake up early in the morning to set up the deco and arch in the church the very next day (not mentioning taking their pics). But working with these couple was so much fun making us feel less fatique. Hopefully we will be having more photo session together again in the future. Thank you Edwin and Elizabeth.. All the best and congrats!

An Evening With Belle..

I had the most incredible time taking photoshoot for Emelda @ Shabelle, a very lovely person fill with a crazy personality making the session not only enjoyable but also easy. She's sooo relax in front of the camera making her look like a pro in giving her pose. The beautiful surroundings of the river too made the time look really fast, no thanks for the rain too though. Thanks belle, looking forward for more photoshooting with ya... peace...